Ten dollars, said the door guy.

But I have a costume.

The door guy pointed to a sign. The sign said: NO “HIPSTER COSTUMES” WILL BE HONORED.

Aside from the sword, Adam was wearing his normal clothes. I’m not a hipster, he said. I’m He-man. The door guy made a face.

Adam pulled his sword from the sheath. He turned it on. Flashing red and green, it played the song. Adam held it high and said, By the power of Grayskull.

The door guy sighed and said, Ten dollars.

Michelle laughed. So did some other people.

Adam wanted to smack the door guy in the head. But the door guy had long hair and a neck tattoo, longer hair than Michelle and just as blonde. The door guy looked a little like He-man actually, like the sort of guy who would call someone meathead or head butt you in the pit for no reason. Plus, the door guy was taller than Adam. On a low stool. Adam decided not to smack the door guy.

Hang on, Adam said, turning to Michelle, whispering, Can I borrow ten dollars?

She shook her head, taking out her purse.

I’ll pay you back tomorrow. I would sneak in you know. He looked over his shoulder. But the door guy looks like a madman.

Yeah yeah, said Michelle.

Adam kicked at the gravel with his hands in his pockets.

A guy in a hoodie walked around them. Up to the door guy.

The door guy said, Ten dollars.

The guy said, Haven’t you seen Superbad? I’m the kid from Superbad. Michael Cera. You know.

The door guy pointed to the sign.

The guy looked at the sign. No hipster would wear these pants, man. Look at these pants. They’re huge!

The door guy looked at the pants.

Ten dollars.

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